Each drum is unique, and is decorated based upon several factors.

Shamanic pactitioners tend to have their own set of helping symbols, tools, themes, and influences.  No two are exactly alike.  When karen is asked to decorate a drum, she first determines if she is the one to decorate the drum, and if so, begins a relationship with that drum for the duration of her stewardship of it's process.

Karen asks the practitioner or drummer what themes and symbols hold 
meaning and asks for that in writing, usually through e-mail.  This gives 
Karen a sense of the way the drum is a tool for that individual.  She also 
journeys to her own helping spirits and to the spirit of the drum itself, 
asking guidance, and that the designs and colors will truly be what is 
intended forthat drum.  Occasionally, the information she receives 
through her own journeys may vary from what the practitioner has sent. 
Most of the time, there is congruency.

When handling and decorating each drum, Karen does so with intention and focus.  The artwork is shamanic in that it holds the energy of the intention of the artist.  In her journey to the spirit of the drum, that intention is revealed and as she works with the drum,  it becomes a talisman, holding the energy of the intention.   It is a labor of love.

Each drum is first prepaired by Karen through ritual and journey. The 
threads are laid into an adhesive one strand at a time using dentist 
tools, and a lot of patience.  This is very time consuming, and during 
that time, Karen holds the particular intention for the drum as a 
healing and ritual tool.  The actual artwork is brought through from 
the helping spirits.  The colors used, and the images are many times 
holding more than simply what the eyes can take in.  People have
reported a sense of power coming from the drum itself, through the artwork.

The prices for the drums also vary.  What determines the cost is the complexity of the designs, whether Karen is providing a new drum, and materials (such as snake skins as seen on Marcia D's and Karyn A's drum.  Typically these drums cost between $400 and $550, excluding the cost of the drum, if new.

If you would like to talk with Karen about a drum for your healing work, please contact her at [email protected], or call her at 928-606-4611

About the Drums

Karen uses Remo Buffalo Frame Drums.  These drums are highly respected throughout the shamanic and wellness community for their consistency in   sound, quality workmanship, and ease of use.  The Remos are made of a        synthetic material.  They do not change their tone regardless of the           environment they are in, unlike leather drums. Some practitioners have    chosen for Karen to decorate their own drum.  Karen also provides new        drums for those wanting one.  Sizes vary, but the majority of practitioners use the 16 inch drums.