Shamanism is considered the oldest spiritual path and healing practice in the human family.  
It dates back thousands of years and can be seen in the many cultures and societies 
from our earliest records to the present.

The term originated in Siberia, and has core features found in all traditions in which healing of the whole person is honored. Today, Shamanic practitioners offer their services to not only heal the individual, but as a commitment to also bring healing to Earth, of whom we are a vital part.  By honoring the healing of the person, we honor the healing of Earth herself, and all being within the Flow of Life.

Power Animal Retrieval

Shamans believe that upon birth, every human soul receives a power animal(s) which acts as a protector and guide. Through the conditioning of growing up, these power animals can be forgotten. The retrieval of a power animal is often a very exciting and spiritually awakening event for people and is recommended for people with symptoms such as low self-esteem, fear, loss of vitality and vigor, loss of or inactive imagination, and lack of creativity and enthusiasm.

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs often during and after traumatic incidents, death of a loved one, end of a relationship, forms of abuse, etc. During the incident, part of the person's core vitality is sent out of the physical body to escape and survive during the trauma. The challenge of this is that the soul part often cannot return without the help of someone trained in assisting its return. Symptoms of soul loss include feelings of dissociation, chronic depression, loss of will power, lack of passion, feeling stuck in the past PTSD.  There are soul retrieval "before and after" photos here.


Shamans across the world believe that external thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and intentions can become intrusions in peoples' energy and physical bodies. Where there is a void or loss of power in one's energy body, space becomes available for intrusions to take residence. Many shamans are skilled at removing these intrusions and then restoring balance and power to the person's subtle energy body.

Heart-Centered Depossession

Persons or places can become "possessed", often by spirits of dead people who never fully crossed over. What makes heart-centered depossession unique is that both the person possessed and the possessing spirit are treated with equal compassion, for both are experiencing some level of suffering. Heart-centered depossession utilizes a non-antagonistic, non-dramatic approach and ensures that the posssessing spirit is returned to the Light, not just sent away.  Symptoms of possession may include dual personalities, not acting like yourself, blacking or spacing out, negative self talk, suicidal thoughts, chronic addictions, and/or co-dependent relationships. Possession within a place can result in a feeling of unwelcome, disquiet, "something just isn't right" and kenetic activity. 


Psycho-pomp (from the Geek meaning "leader of souls") is the work of helping souls cross over to the other side after leaving the physical body. The Greek god Hermes was considered the great psycho-pomp worker. Sometimes souls get stuck in the middle world or don't even know they have died. This can commonly happen in unexpected sudden deaths such as accidents or war events. Shamans of today say that the earth is backlogged with souls that have not crossed over, more than ever before in earth's history.

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