The Website for Rev. Karen Furr, Inclusive Catholic priest and practitioner/teacher of Shamanism and Reiki

“Spirit Drum” is a metaphor for bringing into Oneness the duality of “Heaven” (Spirit) and “Earth” (Drum), of the spiritual and the physical.  In this time of transition and emergence through the chaos of change and new beginnings, the human family today is called toward being that bridge – connecting our spiritual and material selves, realizing the oneness of all creation.  Just as Earth herself is evolving, so we are a mirror of that evolution of consciousness.

“Karen Furr is an impeccable shamanic teacher and practitioner. She has a depth of knowledge and compassion that leads her students into the true meaning of the path of the shaman. I highly recommend her work to all looking to learn about shamanism and shamanic healing.”

   – Sandra Ingerman, author of “Soul Retrieval”, “Shamanic Journeying, and many more.